OSHA 1910 Safety Certified Technician

OSHA 1910 Safety Certified Technician

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OSHA 1910 Safety Certified Technician (Videos and Tests are in English and Spanish *For the test, convert Google Translate to Spanish to change the language.) 

This class is designed with everything in mind with the exception of High Rise and Aerial Lift Training. It will cover ladder safety centering around extension, stack, step and telescoping ladders with emphasis on proper set up, inspection, and use based on OSHA 1910.23. The class also covers Chemical Safety, Water Fed Pole Safety, Electrical Hazards, Noise Control, Personal Protective Equipment and First Aid. Specific emphasis is given to residential and commercial fall protection systems while accessing roofs utilizing OSHA 1910.30 as guideline for training requirements. This class will also teach those attending how to prepare a Job Hazard Analysis as well as how to sell Safety in their perspective marketplace. This class is both hands on and classroom. There is also a video version of the course in which you should follow along with demonstrations for putting on a harness, properly setting up a ladder, Water Fed Pole Safe usage and others.

Online Training Videos: 4.0 hrs.

Online Training Costs: $69 per training per person.

Certificates auto-print for the online training class if the student passes the test after watching the videos and they will be good for two years compared to the hands on course, which is three years.